How to Remote Start RAM 2500 with Key Fob or Mobile device

The remote start capabilities of a RAM 2500 mean drivers can start the engine from a remote location using a key fob or a connected digital device (smartphone). How convenient is the remote start feature for the drivers of RAM 2500?

How does the RAM 2500 remote start work? Here is a preview and why you might consider RAM 2500 models with this feature if living in a cold location.

Which RAM 2500 Models Have Remote Connect Feature?

The RAM Remote Connect feature is an innovative remote control feature allowing drivers to perform several tasks to monitor their vehicles using a mobile phone. The remote connect feature assists drivers to:

  • Start or stop your 2500 remotely
  • Lock and unlock doors
  • Monitor the status of the RAM 2500 (fuel levels, temperature, etc.)
  • Setting alerts and reminders for particular events like unlocked doors
  • Adjusting climate control settings

The remote connect feature is available on the following RAM 2500 trims:

  • Laramie - 2014 to present
  • Limited - 2014 to present
  • Longhorn - 2014 to present
  • Power Wagon - 2014 to present
  • Big Horn/Lone Star - 2019 to present

How To Remote Start RAM 2500 With A Key Fob

The remote start feature gives drivers time to warm up the engine before starting the journey in cold weather or cool down the RAM 2500 when it is getting hot. This is possible using a key fob or a mobile device.

Here is how to remote start a car using a key fob:

  • Ensure your RAM 2500 is parked safely. The handbrake should be engaged, and the gear in the Park position.
  • Press the lock button twice in quick succession (within two seconds)
  • Press the remote start button on the key fob and release. The parking lights (turn signal) will flash severally to indicate the engine has started.
  • Most RAM vehicles will run for a predetermined time once the engine has remotely started. 2500 drivers can use the key fob to manage other functions like controlling the air conditioning systems.

How To Remote Start RAM 2500 With A Mobile Device (Smartphone)

This function is available for 2500 vehicles with the Remote Connect Feature. The driver should download and install the Remote Connect app on their smartphones or mobile devices. The driver also creates login credentials to ensure safety when utilizing the app’s remote control features.

Do the following steps to remote start a RAM 2500 using the Remote Connect feature:

  • Log in to the app using the correct user (owner) credentials.
  • Ensure the vehicle is parked safely, with the handbrake engaged and the gear in Park.
  • Open the RAM Remote Connect app.
  • Tap the “Remote Start” button on the app. A confirmation message appears on the app showing the engine is running.
  • Upon confirmation the engine is running, drivers can perform several other tasks remotely. They can adjust air conditioning settings and lock and unlock doors, among several functions.

The driver’s smartphone and the RAM 2500 vehicle are required to be connected to the cellular network when using the Remote Connect Feature.

How to Remotely Stop 2500’s Engine

Drivers can remotely stop RAM 2500’s engine using the key fob or through a mobile device.

In order to kill the engine using the key fob:

  • Press the Unlock button (primarily unlocks the RAM 2500 doors). This will stop the engine, followed by the flashing of hazard lights. The lights flash twice.


  • Press the Lock button on the key fob. Hold it in the pressed position for at least two seconds. The engine stops, followed by a single flashing of hazard lights.

Drivers using the RAM 2500 Remote Connect Feature should follow this procedure to stop the engine.

  • Open the Remote Connect app on the phone
  • Input your Login (owner’s account) details
  • Tap the “Stop Engine” button on the app
  • Await confirmation from the app the engine is shut.

RAM 2500 Climate Control Setting

2500 owners relying on a key fob should keep the air conditioning settings on Auto Mode. It ensures the RAM 2500’s air conditioning system reverts to a predefined state once the engine is started remotely.

The climate control setting for RAM vehicles with the Remote Connect Feature is simple - the driver opens and logs in to the app to adjust climate settings accordingly.

  • Log in to the app
  • Click on the “Climate” button on the app
  • Adjust climate settings. One can raise or lower internal temperature, fan speed, and air conditioning modes.
  • Click “Apply” to save and activate the changes.

Extend RAM 2500 Engine Running Time

Remote starting a RAM 2500 means the engine runs for a predetermined time. The engine stops after 10 minutes. When a driver remote starts RAM 2500 after the engine stops, its running time doubles. That means the engine will stop after 20 minutes if remote start is used twice consecutively. The third remote start is unavailable for most RAM cars. The driver must manually ignite the engine and stop it to activate remote start.

RAM vehicles using the Remote Connect Feature give drivers more flexibility to extend engine running time.

The following is the procedure for extending the running time:

  • Open the Remote Connect app on the phone
  • Log in using your owner’s credentials
  • Tap the “Start” button on the app and wait for confirmation the engine is running
  • Click on the “Extend” button on the app. This will keep the RAM 2500 engine running for an additional 10 minutes. Some will run until the driver clicks the “Stop” button on the app.

Automatic RAM 2500 Engine Shutdown After Remote Start

The RAM 2500’s engine can stop before the predefined running time elapses.

It happens when one or more of the following things happen:

  • The driver or other person opens the hood when the engine is running
  • A door is opened
  • The gear shifts from parking to another position. This can be from “P” to “R” or “D”. The engine will stop automatically.
  • Whenever there is a depression in the brake pedal
  • When a key is detected on the ignition switch. For RAM 2500 cars with a push button, pressing the start button has the same effects as the key in the ignition. The engine shuts down.
  • The engine stops when the alarm system activates. The only exception is when the alarm alert is initiated using the key fob. In this case, the engine keeps running.

Reasons Why Remote Start System Is Not Working On RAM 2500

The remote start function can stop working without notice. It happens due to several reasons including:

  • A dead key fob battery
  • The key fob is out of range, or the cellular network connectivity is poor for vehicles with the Remote Connect Feature
  • Existing signal interference prevents communication between the car and the driver.
  • Malfunctioned remote start fuse or relay
  • Damaged remote start module
  • Weak 12V battery
  • Parking “P” gear disengages
  • One of the doors or hoods is open
  • The vehicle is low on fuel or has other electrical connection problems

Safety Precautions

Drivers must be cautious when using the remote start feature on any RAM vehicle. Some measures to ensure the safety of drivers and other people include:

  • Check if the transmission lever is in Park “P” position. Also, ensure the handbrake is engaged before starting the car.
  • Ensure the vehicle is in open space. Remote starting RAM 2500 in closed environments increases the build-up of carbon monoxide.
  • Avoid using the remote start feature if the RAM 2500 dash has warning lights.
  • Check car surroundings before using remote start.
  • Safely keep the fob key and avoid sharing Remote Connect credentials with others.

RAM 2500 Engine Idling Law

Drivers whose RAM vehicles have a remote start feature should acquaint themselves with various laws regarding engine idling in different states or jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions limit how long an engine should idle. Try not violate these rules as it attracts fines.

2500 owners should also adhere to the RAM's recommended idling time to ensure the remote start system remains functional.


The remote start feature is available for the newer RAM 2500 models. A driver should know how the RAM 2500 Remote start works and adhere to recommended safety guidelines to keep the remote ignition system functional.

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